At PrimeStar we understand what it takes to be a young athlete in today’s world. Without significant endorsement or scholarship you are most likely juggling training, travel, competition time as well as education, social and family commitments. With this in mind we work according to our own, experience-based athlete support system, providing complete advice and a tailor-made development program, incorporating all aspects of athlete’s life. We offer our clients personal training services from our fully qualified coaching and athletic staff. Our trainers will evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and needs, developing a tailor-made training plan accordingly. Our on-going work includes athletic consultations and personal training services to England’s boxers and international basketball players.


Resistance Training Bands

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Improve your strength and range of motion across all major muscle groups. Specific stretch material allows for controlled muscle tension in every direction, ideal for stretching, resistance training and flexibility exercises which lead to improved posture, mobility and core strength. Ideal travel companion, taking up next to no space in your bag, this product consist of 4 bands and a handy travel pouch.

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At PrimeStar we provide sustained support structure throughout our athletes’ careers, regardless of their age or level of competition. We provide complete career guidance from choosing appropriate educational establishments and qualifications, cutting-edge sports development camps and clinics around the world, to choosing overall professional environment, nurturing the winning attitude along the way. In addition, we break down careers into manageable pieces, work off achievable goals and provide support with educational, financial and post career planning. Our professional and confidential approach has allowed us to work with personalities from world’s leading teams, leagues and other organisations. Our most recognised work in this field has included travel management and logistics for NBA players, coaches and scouts on their European visits.