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About Us

Inspired by the 2012 Olympic Games, our heart and dedication in the field of athlete development coupled with the created need for post Olympic human legacy led us to establishing PrimeStar Sports.

We provide a range of sports services internationally and we’re firmly set on a mission to revolutionise the way our clients train, think and live. We always set the bar uncompromisingly high and work according to our core values in a tangible and measurable way. PrimeStar Sports introduces athletes to the world of modern competition through the notions of Athleticism, Personality and Lifestyle – a 360° view on athlete’s life under the award winning PrimeStar Concept™ developed through years of presence at every level of competition.

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At PrimeStar we understand what it takes to be an athlete in today’s world. Without significant endorsement or scholarship you are most likely juggling training, travel, competition as well as education, social and family commitments. With this in mind we work according to our own, experience-based athlete support system, providing you with complete advice and tailor-made development program, incorporating all aspects of athlete’s life. We specialise in:


Career Management

At PrimeStar we provide complete career guidance from choosing appropriate educational establishments and qualifications, cutting-edge sports development camps and clinics around the world, to choosing overall professional environment, nurturing the winning attitude along the way.


Transition Guidance

The transition to professional ranks in the chosen craft is one of the most defining steps any athlete will ever take. At PrimeStar we use this opportunity to guide our athletes as they establish themselves in the professional rankings.


Post Career Planning

Our clients work hard to achieve and showcase their true sporting potential. At PrimeStar we pride ourselves in developing additional post career opportunities in time for our athletes to harvest the fruit of their sporting legacy.


Athletic Development

In addition to the above, we offer our clients personal training services from our fully qualified coaching and athletic staff. Our trainers will evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and needs, developing a tailor-made training plan accordingly.


Contract Negotiation

Working closely with athletes throughout this process, we represent all aspects of their career, manage timeframes and provide comprehensive advice as well as guidance throughout the negotiation and contract period.


Marketing and Endorsement

At PrimeStar we look at ways of maximising the reach of social media platforms and traditional PR and in addition identify all potential avenues including community initiatives and CSR led projects.

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